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Wrong-way driver causes multiple injuries on I-495


Just after midnight on Feb. 1, the driver of a pick-up truck crashed into two other vehicles on the interstate in Massachusetts. The 24-year-old driver of the truck was headed southbound on the northbound side of Interstate 495 when he struck the other automobiles and caused the motor vehicle accident.

One of the drivers did not receive injuries serious enough to warrant immediate transportation to the hospital; the other driver’s injuries were more serious, and she was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. The wrong-way driver was seriously injured and transported to a Boston hospital for treatment.

After state police arrived at the scene of the accident, they shut down the interstate for approximately two hours. Police are investigating the accident to determine the details of the incident. It is not known why the pick-up truck driver was traveling in the wrong direction on the northbound interstate. If the pick-up truck driver was negligent or if it is determined that he was under the influence of alcohol, charges could be filed.

In Massachusetts, when an accident occurs and serious injuries are sustained, authorities ask questions to determine who is responsible for the incident. If negligence was involved, the responsible party should be held accountable for their actions. Compensation may be available to help cover the medical expenses and to help compensate for the pain and suffering caused by an accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain victims’ rights and help plan a course of action to get a settlement they deserve.

Source: Falmouth Patch, “Falmouth Women Injured in Wrong Way Crash on I-495,” Sara Mannal, Feb. 1, 2013


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