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Workers’ Comp Attorneys in Methuen, MA

We believe that you should not be alone in dealing with the repercussions of workplace injuries. The sole purpose of workers’ comp is to combat these situations, and the purpose of Perrault Law Group is to resolve your predicament, securing necessary financial assistance.

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Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Methuen, MA

It can be difficult dealing with an injury, especially when the injury happens during your line of work. Work environments are expected to be safe places to conduct your daily tasks without worrying about the threat of serious injury. However, when your career entails potentially dangerous work, accidents can happen. When those accidents do happen, you are entitled to the essential commodity of workers’ compensation.

We understand that it can be frustrating and emotionally taxing when you’re out of work. Injuries often result in the loss of valuable time and income, affecting you and your loved ones significantly. As workers’ comp lawyers in Methuen, MA, and the surrounding Merrimack Valley area, we will do everything in our power to reduce your family’s suffering due to financial hardship. 

Testimonials & Case Results


    $325K Awarded

    to Hydraulic Engine Mechanic after Amputation

    The claim was settled for the client.


    They helped our family many times in the past.
    Frank R.


    $290K Claim

    From Construction Site Scaffolding Fall

    Through Attorney Blair’s investigation and persistently aggressive handling of the case, a settlement was reached.


    Great lawyer, very responsive, and extremely helpful.
    Charles J.


When To Contact A Lawyer For Workers’ Comp

Be sure to contact our experienced workers’ comp attorneys whenever you suffer a workplace injury due to:

  • If your job site is unsafe
  • If your employer is negligent, or
  • If accidents happen on the job site

Our workers’ compensation attorneys will do everything in our power to determine your eligibility for workers’ compensation and that you receive the maximum critical compensation in a timely fashion.

Compensation For Medical And Rehabilitation Costs

After a work-related injury, medical costs can be hefty, often overwhelming for you and your family. If you suffered injuries while performing your basic job duties, you’re not at fault, and these medical rehab and recovery expenses should not be your responsibility. 

Throughout each workers’ compensation case, we work diligently with experts to identify how working conditions were directly responsible for your injury. With medical documentation, witness statements, and important evidence, our worker’s comp lawyers demonstrate that your injuries were directly due to hazardous or unsafe working conditions and that you need to be compensated fairly.

Contact our worker compensation attorneys for a free case evaluation at either of our law offices in Methuen, Massachusetts, or Salem, New Hampshire. We are ready to assist you in your situation.