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$200K Secured for Workplace Injury

workers' compensation claimAfter our client experienced a back injury while lifting a piano at work, the client faced denial of a workers’ compensation claim. However, through dedicated advocacy, we fought for the client’s rights. The case culminated in a hearing resembling a trial. With the support of expert testimony, Attorney Steven Blair established the direct link between the injury and occupation, securing a $200K settlement for our client. Additionally, our experts highlighted the vocational disability the client now faces due to the injury. This victory ensures our client received the support and compensation deserved for the challenges endured in the line of work.

$500K for Holding Building Owners Accountable for Proper Safety Measures

Holding building owners accountable for proper safety measures at an apartment complex. Personal injury attorney. Lawyer for fall and serious injury.Our client, in his late teens, lived with his family in a second-floor apartment of a multi-family building. The apartment had an outdoor deck. While spending some time with friends on the deck, he leaned back on the deck railing. Shortly thereafter, the railing collapsed, and our client fell to the pavement below, sustaining serious injuries, including that to his right eye. Owners of a residential apartment building have an obligation to all those legally on the premises to ensure that the premises are “reasonably safe”. Despite that fact, initial offers by the homeowner’s insurance company of the building owner were low. The insurer alleged that “roughhousing” on the deck led to the railing collapse. Therefore, Attorney Charlie Perrault filed a lawsuit, and after 3 years of intense litigation, including over 15 depositions, he recovered $500,000. for his client.

$1.25M Awarded from Vehicle Crash

Our client was driving down the street when another vehicle veered into his lane and struck him head-on. A witness came upon the scene afterwards and discovered our client unresponsive behind the wheel. Tragically, our client later died. Our client left a wife and two young children. The other driver initially denied fault. Attorney Perrault hired an accident reconstructionist to “recreate” the crash. After analyzing tire marks, vehicle damage, rest location of each vehicle and other factors it became clear that the other driver crossed the center line and caused the crash. Just prior to trial, settlement was negotiated during Mediation. The ultimate recovery of $1,250,000.00 enabled the family to have some level of financial security.

$500K in Compensation after Leg Injury & Complications

The client was an older gentleman, in his 80s when this tragic loss occurred. The client was walking from his retirement community to a grocery store across the street. The client walked with the aid of a walker. The client was in the crosswalk as he walked from his home to the grocery store. As vehicle pulled out of the parking lot and drove toward the elderly gentleman. There was no contact between the vehicle and the older man, but the fact that the vehicle stopped so close before hitting the client caused him to fall to the ground. The fall caused the client a fractured lower leg. The client was admitted to the hospital. His lower leg healed, but his other physical issues became complicated and eventually passed away. The case was settled for his children for the policy limits of $500,000.00.

$960K Recovered in Asleep at the Wheel Case

Our client was a passenger in a SUV traveling south on Route 95 near Woburn, Massachusetts. He was on his way to a construction job. A second vehicle veered into the lane of a third vehicle and slammed into it, propelling the third vehicle into the SUV of our client. The SUV flipped over. Tragically, our client died. He left a wife and several children. After collecting all available auto and worker’s compensation insurance of about $460,000.00, Attorney Perrault turned his sites on the methadone clinic which had serviced the at fault driver that morning. We alleged that the clinic was negligent in failing to adequately test the at fault driver for illicit drugs in his system, yet still provided him with his daily dose of Methadone. This, we alleged, led to his falling asleep at the wheel and causing the fatal crash in question. Ultimately, the methadone clinic paid a settlement of $500,000.00 – for a total recovery by the family of about $960,000.00. This “methadone clinic” claim was one of the first such claims in Massachusetts history.

$240K Awarded from Laundry Room Electrocution Accident

Our client was mopping a common laundry room floor in a large apartment complex. As she mopped behind a coin machine, she lifted an electrical cord so that she could mop beneath it. Unbeknownst to her, the cord was frayed. While standing in water, she touched the frayed wire and was electrocuted. This terrible incident led to permanent injury to her arm. Both the building owner and laundry machine company claimed that they did not have any advanced knowledge of the frayed cord. After litigation, the insurers finally paid $240,000 in compensation.

$290K Claim from Construction Site Scaffolding Fall

Attorney Blair’s client, a 34-year-old laborer, fell from scaffolding that he was taking apart. As a result of the fall, the client suffered a significant back injury. Through Attorney Blair’s investigation and persistently aggressive handling of the case, a settlement was reached in the amount of $290,000.00

$235K from Dog Attack

Our client, a young girl, was bitten in the face by the dog of her mother’s boyfriend. Initially the insurer attempted to claim that our client had taunted the dog. After a thorough investigation Attorney Perrault determined that this was untrue. The bite left a pronounced scar on the cheek of our young client. Attorney Perrault retained a plastic surgeon to examine the scar. The plastic surgeon explained that the scar was permanent and provided options to “remediate” it when the child was older. Ultimately, the homeowner’s insurance company of the boyfriend paid $235,000 in compensation to the young girl.

$400K from Hazardous Building Code Violation

Our client was standing on the second floor, outdoor deck of his rental apartment. The outdoor lighting was not functioning. He was under the influence of alcohol. He heard a sound below, and leaned over the deck railing. As he did so, he lost his balance, flipped over the railing and fell to the composite deck below, severely injuring himself. Attorney Perrault retained a building code expert. Upon investigation, the railing in question was determined by our building code expert to be very low, accounting for why it failed to prevent the fall. Furthermore, a building permit had not been pulled when it was constructed. Attorney Perrault argued that the landlady intentionally kept the railing low so that renters would have a better ocean view – making the apartment easier to rent; and that this was more important to the landlady than the safety of renters. He further argued that proper railings were required for the safety of all who used the deck, even those who may have had a drink or two. The homeowner’s insurer of the landlady claimed that alcohol intoxication was the cause of the incident. After litigation, $400,000 was collected on behalf of our client.

$100K from Insurance Policy After Supermarket Accident

The client, a 49-year-old husband and father of two, was walking from his vehicle to the supermarket. As he was walking a vehicle backed out of a parking spot across the aisle from the client. This vehicle backed out with such force that when it struck our client in the back it propelled him forward by over 10 feet. After striking our client, the vehicle then struck two parked cars. The driver of the vehicle was a teenager with no assets. The insurance company did not believe that our client’s back injury, which required surgery, was related to this crash. This belief was based on our client’s history of back issues. The insurance limits that the vehicle had at the time of the crash was $100,000.00. The offer prior to filing a lawsuit was $10,000.00. Attorney Blair filed a lawsuit and discovery was completed. Attorney Blair aggressively pursued this matter on behalf of the client. Faced with no other choice, the insurance company offered the insurance policy limit maximum of $100,000.00.

$325K Awarded to Hydraulic Engine Mechanic after Amputation

The client was a 45-year-old hydraulics mechanic. He was repairing a hydraulic engine when one of the lines let go. The force of the hydraulic fluid caused severe injury to his right hand. The client was right hand dominant. He needed to have his right index finger amputated as a result of the incident. Part of the amputation involved moving his remaining fingers so that he could use his hand in some fashion. The claim was settled for the client in the amount of $325,000.00

$750,000 settlement for back injury

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle. She and her family were headed out on a family excursion. On the way their vehicle was struck by an inattentive driver that ran a stop sign. As a result of the crash our client suffered a significant back injury that required surgery at her lower back. The claim was denied when presented to the insurance carrier for the at fault driver. Attorney Blair filed a lawsuit in this matter. The parties agreed to go to a mediation which resulted in a fantastic settlement for the client.

$375,000 settlement fall from ladder

Our client was working as a painter at a residential home. Our client’s employer did not provide the proper fall protection. Our client fell from the ladder causing a severe head injury. The client was injured a year and a half prior to being seeking legal representation. Although a significant period of time had lapsed between the fall and the client seeking legal representation Attorney Blair was able to piece together an investigation which resulted in a lump sum settlement of the client’s worker’s compensation claim in the amount of $375,000.00.

$300K Settlement for Trip and Fall

The loss involved a middle aged woman who was leaving her hairdresser. As she was walking on the walkway to the parking lot she tripped and fell to the pavement. The fall caused her to significantly injure her right shoulder. The injury necessitated surgery which involved a closed reduction of her shoulder joint. I was able to determine, with the help of an expert architect and engineer, that the lip between the walkway and the parking lot was in violation of several local building and fire codes.

$300K Settlement for Porch Accident

The woman was a tenant at a multi-family home. She was exiting the front door to go and do laundry when her foot went through the rotten board of the porch. The event caused a major infecting in the woman’s leg that required open surgery to debride the area. The woman was left with a scar on the side of her leg.