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Dog Bite Lawyer in Methuen, MA

Our dog bite lawyers are well-experienced in handling dog bite law cases in the Methuen, MA, area, aggressively pursuing compensation in animal attack cases on behalf of victims and their families. Together, we will thoroughly investigate your animal attack, walking you through your case and all of the options at your disposal.

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Methuen, MA’s Dog Bite Lawyers & Animal Attack Law Experts

As attorneys well-versed in dog bite law, we understand that a dog bite or animal attack is a terrifying experience, potentially causing severe injuries and even death. Victims may require critical medical attention due to severe lacerations, scarring, and emotional trauma. If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog or any other animal due to owner negligence, reach out to our dog bite lawyers immediately, as you may be entitled to much-needed compensation.

Testimonials & Case Results


    $235K From Dog Attack

    Our client, a young girl, was bitten in the face by the dog of her mother’s boyfriend. Initially, the insurer attempted to claim that our client had taunted the dog. After a thorough investigation Attorney Perrault determined that this was untrue. The bite left a pronounced scar on the cheek of our young client. Attorney Perrault retained a plastic surgeon to examine the scar. The plastic surgeon explained that the scar was permanent and provided options to “remediate” it when the child was older. Ultimately, the homeowner’s insurance company of the boyfriend paid $235,000 in compensation to the young girl.


    In regards to a potential personal injury case it was very refreshing to actually find someone that took the time to explain the process to me. Three other law firm’s wouldn’t take the time to explain to me just told me it wasn’t worth their time!!! It’s nice to know that there are still professionals out there that actually do their job to help people not just for the end result $$ . I hope to be working with attorney Perrault in the future but if not I highly recommend that at least others check into them to see what they can offer you, EXCELLENT customer service!

    Jennifer M.


    The people here were very friendly and super helpful. They kept me updated each step of the way of the duration of my case. I did not feel like I was out of the loop once. I would certainly refer Perrault Law Group to others!
    Mollica B.


Do You Need A Dog Bite Lawyer? Here Are Some Steps To Take:

If you have been injured due to a negligent dog attack or any other animal attack, there are steps that you can take to protect your basic rights and secure vital compensation for your injuries. After the dog attack:

  1. Immediately contact the police who can work with your local animal control agency.
  2. Attempt to identify the dog and the owner as soon as possible.
  3. Make sure that you receive appropriate medical treatment, including rabies shots if they are necessary.
  4. Take photographs of the injury, the dog, and other relevant evidence such as an unlatched fence or lack of a leash.
  5. Attempt to secure the names of individuals who may have witnessed the attack. 
  6. Contact an attorney to preserve your rights and claims. 
  7. Do not talk with an insurance company or sign documents without first speaking with an attorney you trust.

In addition to handling dog bite law, our animal attack attorneys are well-versed in representing clients who have been injured in all types of animal attacks, including those involving cats, farm animals, and other domesticated animals.


Children In Dog Bite Attacks

Unfortunately, children are often victims of dog bites as they are curious and unaware of the dangers of approaching a strange dog. However, dog owners must take liability for their negligent actions regarding their animals’ care and control. In addition to the physical ailments caused by an animal attack, an injured child may suffer emotional trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Strict Liability In Dog Bite Law

Dog bite cases are generally strict liability cases, meaning that an owner of a pet may be automatically liable for any injuries caused by his or her pet. If you or a loved one has suffered, it is imperative to seek out legal assistance as soon as possible.

How Our Team of Dog Bit Experts Can Help

Our experienced dog bite lawyers and animal attack attorneys will work diligently with you to preserve your rights, pursuing your claims, and ensuring that you secure the compensation you need and deserve. Our attorneys work to protect necessary evidence, including animal control officers’ reports, police reports, and witness statements. In addition to our legal assistance, we can help you obtain the medical treatment you need, including reconstructive surgery, should it become necessary.