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Wrongful Death Attorneys Near Salem, NH

The death of a loved one as a result of an accident is devastating to any family. We understand that coping with death takes years of mental strength. The last thing that you and your loved ones should be dealing with at this time is legal issues. As fatal injury lawyers, our priority is handling all legal matters for you and getting the compensation required to help your family grieve and move forward.


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Experienced Fatal Accident Attorneys

At Perrault Blair Law Group, PLLC, in Methuen, Massachusetts and Salem, New Hampshire, we are deeply sorry for your loss. We are here to put our years of experience and resources together to help you get through this time and get the answers you need. Our attorneys can help you pursue justice and peace of mind for you and your family.

While your loss can never be fully compensated, we can help you recover the financial support you need to move forward. Contact us today to speak to an attorney about your loss. Our attorneys will work with your family to understand and address your immediate and future needs. Whether you are concerned about lost income after the sudden death of a primary wage earner in the household or you have other economic losses, our attorneys will advocate on your behalf to secure the future stability of your family. We understand the gravity of your situation and are sensitive to your circumstances. Throughout your case, you can expect a high level of respect and trust.

Testimonials & Case Results


    I had an accident and needed a lawyer to assist me with my claim. Lawyer Charles Perrault and his assistant/paralegal Nancy Gibbs really cared about helping me out and getting me the best possible settlement they could. They were patient, extremely knowledgeable, informative, and compassionate. They frequently checked in with me to see how I was doing and inform me on where the case was going. I would recommend The Perrault Law Group to anyone I knew who needed a personal injury attorney.
    – Shiobhan C.


    $960K Recovered

    in an Asleep at the Wheel Case.

    Negligent Methadone Clinic paid out settlement of $500,000 and Auto/Worker’s Compensation insurance paid out around $460,000.


    The people here were very friendly and super helpful. They kept me updated each step of the way of the duration of my case. I did not feel like I was out of the loop once. I would certainly refer Perrault Law Group to others!
    Mollica B.


    $1.25M Awarded from Vehicle Crash

    Settlement was negotiated during Mediation.


    Top notch Attorney, Steve Blair…Amazing job as always, always keeps me posted of anything and everything to do with my case.. I highly recommend this law office, I’ve used him for the past 3 cases involving myself in accidents, Best motorcycle Attorney you will ever find…

    John P.


Representing Family Members In the Aftermath of a Fatal Accident

It’s important to remember that pursuing fatal accident compensation isn’t only deserved; it’s also necessary for medical expenses, funeral expenses, economic losses suffered by the family, and the loss of companionship suffered by a spouse, parent, or child. There’s no reason for your family to go through financial suffering in addition to the hardships already carried by a loved one’s passing. As experienced professional fatal accident lawyers in Methuen, MA, and serving the surrounding area, we ensure that our neighbors are emotionally and financially taken care of.


Our Wrongful Death Attorneys Are Experienced In…

1.) Job Site Accidents 

When you send your loved ones off to work, they deserve to be protected. We fight for justice and accountability when an individual passes away due to a work-related incident resulting in a job site death. 

2.) Fatal Auto Accidents

We handle all incidents involving car accident death including drunk driving accidents, rollover accidents, motorcycle crashes, or any other fatal motor vehicle accident. Our team of car accident lawyers understand complicated auto law, and can provide all counsel needed.

3.) Construction Site Accidents

We pursue third-party liability claims for families of construction accident victims who have lost their lives due to a forklift or heavy machinery accident, scaffolding collapse, fall from a roof or any other severe construction site accident in Massachusetts.

We work with professional personnel, including medical experts, accident reconstructionists, and economists, to put together a comprehensive value of the losses your family has experienced. We will interview your family and friends in detail and give a voice to the struggles you face daily as we present your case in court.

T-bone Car Accident

Planning For Your Family’s Future

Our team of wrongful death attorneys and fatal accident lawyers located in Methuen, MA, are here for you. Together, we will put our years of experience and resources to work, helping you get through this time with the answers and compensation you need, pursuing justice and peace of mind for you and your family.

Our team will work with your family to understand and address your immediate and future needs. Whether you’re concerned about lost income after the sudden death of the primary wage earning or other economic losses, our fatal accident lawyers are in your corner, advocating on your behalf to secure future stability allowing your family to focus on what really matters, healing. Throughout your case, you can expect high levels of respect, trust, and empathy.

As experienced negotiators and litigators, we are skilled in returning maximum compensation for our clients, resolving cases in excess of $1 million for accidents involving wrongful death in the Merrimack Valley area. If you have recently lost a loved one due to a workplace accident through no fault of their own, please give us a call. At Perrault Blair Law, our passion is helping grieving families receive the compensation and resources necessary to grieve and move forward.