First, we want to assure you that our office is a welcoming environment where attorney-client confidentiality and privilege rules apply. If you have questions about the limits of attorney-client privilege and confidentiality, we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Our Website

The information we provide on our website is intended to answer some of the basic questions people commonly have when they come in for an initial consultation. It should NOT be construed as legal advice, because it does not account for the technicalities that may come into play for your situation.

It should, however, give you a feel for the basic vocabulary used in the area of law concerning your issues and provide you with an understanding of the progression of different types of court cases.

We love questions!

We encourage you to write down a list of questions you have for our attorneys, which you can refer to during your initial consultation. If your loved ones and anyone else you trust have specific questions, write those down in advance as well.

Bring in copies of all the documents you have that are relevant to your situation

Those legal papers which may not mean anything to you could be important to one of our attorneys. If you have received documents from an insurance company, court, or anyone else regarding your case your case, please bring them in so that the attorneys can review them.

Additionally, paperwork such as a police report, and insurance claim numbers can be very useful for the attorneys during and after your initial consultation. Ultimately the attorneys and support staff at Perrault Blair Law Group, PLLC can and will obtain any relevant insurance information or the police report if you do not have it at the initial consultation.

Initial consultations usually last one hour or less

Although we schedule each initial consultation for one hour, your actual appointment may last more or less than one hour. It depends on the complexity of your situation.

What happens at the actual attorney-client initial consultation?

At Perrault Blair Law Group, PLLC, the attorney meeting with you will take time to understand your situation, develop your legal claim(s), and determine with you what our strategy will be. We will take time to answer your questions, separate legal myths from legal reality, and otherwise ease your worries about the unknown. We will provide advice and explanations tailored to your situation that stem from our years of experience, education, and specialized training. We promise to guide our clients with straight-talk and compassion. And did we mention the coffee? We encourage all office visitors to enjoy the fresh coffee from our K-cup coffee machine, which we keep stocked with a wide variety of coffees.