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World Wrestling Entertainment faces lawsuit from former wrestlers


Multiple traumatic impacts to the head can lead to chronic brain conditions like Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or hemorrhages; while hemmorrhages and other impacts of concussions can be spotted, CTE typically can’t be identified until after death. If you’ve been injured and have lasting head trauma, it’s important to work with your attorney to obtain compensation, much like these wrestlers are today.

World Wrestling Entertainment is being sued by former pro wrestlers in a lawsuit alleging that they have suffered long term neurological injuries while working for the company. The lawsuit claims that the company failed to care for the wrestlers in any medically competent or meaningful way, instead misrepresenting and concealing the types of injuries suffered, the impact of those injuries and the extent of the injuries.

The lawsuit claims that the WWE put profits over its employees’ health, leaving the plaintiffs with severe injuries and no recourse for treatment. In total, there are 53 current plaintiffs. They have listed the WWE owner Vince McMahon in the lawsuit as a defendant.

One past wrestler, Jimmy Snuka, is being represented by his wife. He was previously ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial after he faced murder charges and manslaughter allegations in a 33-year-old case alleging that he killed a former girlfriend. It was argued that he now suffers extreme dementia after suffering various concussions during his years of wrestling. The lawsuit also aimed to remove the exception for negligence liability that is in place with contact sports by indicating that the moves planned by the WWE were used, so the choreography was directly related to the injuries suffered.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Dozens of wrestlers sue WWE over CTE, effects of traumatic brain injuries,” Des Bieler, July 19, 2016


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