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Woman killed when daughter’s pit bulls attack


Dog attacks can never be taken too seriously; even a small dog that thinks it’s being playful can cause injuries to a child or smaller adult. If you’re attacked, even if it’s by the pet of someone you know, it’s important that you get immediate medical help and seek a claim against the owner’s insurance.

In this case, a woman was killed when her daughter’s dogs attacked. The 86-year-old woman allegedly fell or tripped into the dogs’ bed, causing the family’s two pit bulls to approach her. At first, they appeared to be playing with the woman, but then they became aggressive and attacked.

The news reports that the woman was bitten on the neck and head. Her daughter called 911 for help, but when the emergency team arrived, they pronounced the woman dead. She had lost a substantial amount of blood from the attack.

Following the attack, both animals were taken away by Animal Care and Control. They need to be held for 10 days in quarantine; they will also be held while an investigation takes place. The news reported that the woman who owns the dog did not want to sign the dogs over to Animal Control officers; that resulted in the officers having to seize both dogs from her.

They reported that they had previously been called to the same home in April 2013 when a complaint was filed about two aggressive animals in the home. At the time, the officers believed that the call was unsubstantiated and found no reason to intervene with the family’s pets.

Source: Western Mass News, “911 call in deadly dog attack: ‘My dogs attacked and really hurt her’,” March 29, 2016

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