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Woman ejected from vehicle in car accident


Busy metropolitan areas are almost synonymous with heavy traffic, and bumper-to-bumper conditions and aggressive drivers can make accidents more likely. While there can be contributing factors in an accident that are beyond either driver’s control, when the post-crash investigation finds one party at fault, the other victims may be able to file a civil suit.

One woman was taken to a Boston hospital after she was ejected from her vehicle in a two-car accident. According to reports, the crash occurred on the evening of Oct. 11, when a Toyota Yaris and Chevrolet Silverado collided. The preliminary investigation revealed that the Yaris may have been attempting to make a left-hand turn right before the crash, but there were no charges filed at the time of reports.

The driver of the Yaris was found outside of the vehicle by police, close to the intersection of Kirby Street and Rockland Street. She was taken to Brigham and Women’s Hospital to be treated for life-threatening injuries. The driver and passenger of the Silverado reportedly refused to be taken to the hospital for treatment and were reported to have suffered non-life threatening injuries. According to reports, none of those involved in the accident were wearing their seat belts.

While wearing the proper safety restraints can reduce the risk of injury for those involved in car accidents, serious injuries can and do still happen when seat belts are used. When someone is injured in a car accident, medical expenses start adding up as soon as the ambulance arrives and can be compounded if surgeries or hospital admittance is needed. While no case is a guarantee, filing apersonal injury suit can be one way to seek compensation for accident-related bills or financial loss from time off work.

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