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Woman arraigned for second time in fatal crash


While the majority of drivers may be astute, it only takes one distracted driver to cause a serious car accident. In some cases, individuals involved any type of car collision and or accident can end up with critical and sometimes fatal injuries.

A fatal 2011 accident claimed the life of a 91-year-old woman, who was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a Marlborough woman. According to Sudbury police, the accident happened at the intersection of Boston Post Road and Brimstone Lane on Dec. 27 when the woman rear-ended her Dodge Aries into a box truck resulting in the death of her passenger. The driver of the truck was uninjured.

The Marlborough woman, a 39-year-old female, was first arraigned in September of 2012, but the case was dismissed as the woman was not given the option of a show cause hearing in front of a clerk. Although the case was dismissed, the district attorney’s office filed the charges again.

The woman was arraigned a second time in Framingham District Court. The prosecutor involved with the case simply asked that the woman not be allowed to drive. While her lawyer opposed the condition at first, he relented due to the fact that the Marlborough woman did not have a driver’s license.

When a rear end collision occurs, the outcome may be serious for both parties involved. In some cases, serious or even life threatening injuries can occur. Those involved in such accidents may be candidates to receive compensation for pain and suffering and medical costs.

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