Warehouse Worker Work Site Accident resulted in a total recovery of $298,833


Work Site Accident – Warehouse Worker

Attorney Perrault’s client was a warehouse worker at a major New England supermarket. While the client was in the course of his employment at the supermarket warehouse, he sustained a crushing injury and fractures of his left tibia and fibula when a pneumatic dock plate engaged on his left leg. This occurred as the client backed out of a tractor-trailer while on a forklift. Attorney Perrault made claims against both the supermarket, and the company which serviced the pneumatic dock plates. The defense presented that the client should have been more aware of his surroundings and noticed the dock plate in question prior to its engagement. The level of the client’s disability was also contested. Ultimately, Attorney Perrault negotiated worker’s compensation benefits totaling $231,333.00. Further, Attorney Perrault was able to recover from the dock plate maintenance company the sum of $67,500.00, resulting in a total recovery of $298,833.00. Finally, the worker’s compensation carrier fully waived its automatic lien against the dock plate maintenance company recovery. Shortly after the recoveries, the client was able to return to the workforce.