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Two truck collision leaves one driver trapped in vehicle


A two truck collision in Middleboro reportedly led to one man being trapped in his vehicle. The two trucks reportedly struck each other at the intersection of North and School streets. Police stated that the driver of the truck that was moving north apparently did not see the stop sign at the intersection and proceeded through, causing both trucks to collide.

When emergency personnel responded to the car accident, they found that one man was trapped in his Ford F-350. The vehicle had turned over and was resting on its roof. According to the fire captain, emergency personnel extracted the man from his vehicle using the Jaws of Life. It reportedly took 15 minutes to extract the driver of the truck. He appeared to have only minor injuries and was taken to the South Shore Hospital for treatment to his injuries.

A passenger who was also in his vehicle had sustained no injuries, and the driver of the other vehicle was also uninjured. The intersection was closed for less than an hour while the man was freed and the scene was cleared of debris. The vehicles for both of the drivers needed to be towed from the scene of the crash, and the police stated that charges may still be filed.

The police did not state whether the injured man was the responsible party to the accident or if he was the vehicle that was struck. If he was the vehicle that was struck, he could consult a personal injury attorney to help gain compensation for his medical bills and any associated expenses regarding the crash. He may also choose to pursue compensation for his vehicle expenses, any time that he has to take off from work and other similar items.

Source: Enterprise News, “Man rescued after being trapped in Middleboro car crash”, Amy Carboneau, June 15, 2013


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