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Three people charged in traffic death of pair


Three people have been charged in connection with the death of two pedestrians in an accident that happened in 2007. All three were charged with misleading investigators. One woman died at the scene while her significant other died two days after the accident from his injuries. The pair, who was living in a hotel on one side of the highway, was crossing the roadway. However, they did not use a crosswalk. The woman was planning to move into a stable residence so she could have regular contact with her children. One family member expressed her relief at the charges after all this time.

After the incident, law enforcement personnel looked for the vehicle that was involved in the truck accident. Officials knew their investigation was hampered by an alleged conspiracy, which caused a lengthy delay in the filing of charges against the suspects.

According to a traffic history from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, one of the defendants was a habitual traffic offender with speeding tickets as far back as 1998. One of the suspects is a former law enforcement officer with 20 years of experience who ran for office in 2010.

Three people now face criminal charges for a truck accident that occurred more than six years ago. In addition to criminal charges, the family members may decide to file civil charges in the deaths of their loved ones. Two children were robbed of their mother when she was killed in the tragic accident. A personal injury attorney can advise clients of their rights and of any time constraints due to the statute of limitations in civil lawsuits.

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