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Texting and driving: The negligence that puts your life at risk


Texting and driving has become a more serious problem in recent years with the development of bigger and better smartphones. Now that just about everyone has one, it’s no wonder that more drivers are being distracted by texting while on the roads. All it takes is one “important” text to come through, and a driver looks away from the road for a few seconds.

A few seconds is all it takes for everything to go wrong. At 70 mph, a car travels around 103 feet in one second. When someone is looking away from the road, he or she isn’t looking at what’s coming up ahead. A sudden pothole, pedestrians or even a curve can take that driver by surprise, placing him or her in the wrong lane or forcing him or her off the road. When a driver tries to correct his or her heading, stop or swerve, it may be too late and could result in an accident with devastating consequences.

After you’re involved in an accident where you find out that a driver was distracted by a text or other things going on in the car, it’s important that you discuss the ways you can seek compensation. That driver was violating the rules of the road, and you shouldn’t have had to face consequences because of that.

Whether you’re facing long-term disabilities or need compensation to cover lost wages, it is important that you reach out and find out how much to expect in a settlement or if you go to trial. Our website has more information about driver negligence that you may be interested in.

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