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When texting causes a car accident


Technology is becoming an ever-increasing presence in our daily lives, and the number of people who do not own a cellphone is decreasing every day. While cellphones can be very helpful in cases of emergency, it has become a common and very dangerous practice in today’s society to talk and text while doing other activities, including driving.

Any driver who has been in a car accident understands how fast traffic conditions can change, and losing focus for even a few seconds can result in life-changing consequences. People who are texting while driving are prone to veering off the road without knowing it — and then possibly even overcorrecting once they become aware — or not noticing that the vehicle in front of them has slowed.

A vehicle traveling at 45 mph covers approximately 66 feet in one second. That means that a vehicle will travel the length of a football field in less than six seconds. Drivers have the responsibility to others on the road to ensure that their full attention is on the traffic patterns and road conditions. When a distracted driver causes an accident that results in injury to another person, the driver can be held accountable through legal channels.

Victims of car accidents caused by a texting or otherwise distracted driver in Florida can talk with an attorney who can clearly explain what the options are and what the process will look like in understandable terms. Once you have been treated for any injures and begun the healing process, being fully informed and securing experienced representation are the next steps moving forward.

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