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Summer dangers can cause collisions


What are the dangers of summer driving? There are numerous problems that can arise.

Some common dangers include having more teen drivers on the roads, tire blowouts, construction, bicyclists and motorcyclists on the road, road congestion from vacationers and the sun.

When you’re driving, more teens on the roads means you’re surrounded by those with less experience. It’s not uncommon for teen drivers to make mistakes or get distracted, and that can lead to an accident.

Tire blowouts are another concern. If your tires are overfilled in the summer, the heat can make the air expand and pop the tire. The tire then shreds in some cases and that means that there is debris that vehicles can run into. The car itself may be hard to control, and this can lead to a crash.

Construction zones are more common in the summer, as crews work to correct damaged roadways and to expand those with high traffic. Beware of shifts in the roads where these teams are working to prevent an accident.

Speaking of heavier traffic, the summer draws out bicyclists and motorcyclists, both who are harder to see on the roads. Combined with extra congestion from vacationers, this can be dangerous for riders and drivers of passenger vehicles or trucks as well.

Finally, remember that sun and excess heat can both wear on drivers. Sunlight can glare through windows, making it harder to see, and excess heat can be tiresome. On long drives, it’s possible to get dehydrated. On top of that, it’s more common for vehicles to overheat, so keep the vehicle’s fluids filled.

If you’re hurt because someone didn’t take precautions or wasn’t being wary on the roads, it’s important to remember that you can file a claim against their insurance. You’re a victim, and you should be treated fairly. Our website has more information.

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