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Speeding sedan causes deadly motorcycle crash, witness says


Motorcyclists are always vulnerable on Massachusetts roads because their relatively small size makes them hard for other drivers to see them. This also means that when unexpected obstructions pop up on the road, people on motorcycles might have a hard time seeing other vehicles as well. This appears to be the case in a recent motor vehicle accident in Andover, Massachusetts, that claimed the life of a motorcycle rider earlier this month.

According to a witness to the crash, a sedan entered I-93 at a high rate of speed and immediately cut across four lanes of traffic. The witness said this created a blind spot for the motorcyclist, who could not react in time when he encountered two SUVs in the merge lane that had stopped after they had collided with each other.

Results of Motorcycle Accidents

The passenger on the motorcycle, a 52-year-old woman, died in the accident. Her husband, who was driving the bike, sustained severe injuries and was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital. He was initially reported to be in critical condition.

The man who witnessed the crash said he was in shock after seeing the terrible sight. His wife, he said, was hysterical as a result of witnessing the fatal wreck. He said he called state police to tell them about the car he believed caused the accident, which was “100 percent” the result of the sedan driver’s actions. Fortunately, the drivers of the two SUVs that collided were not hurt.

Just One Driver Can Cause Mayhem

It remains to be seen if the driver of the sedan will be charged with a crime. However, this case should serve as a reminder that it takes the actions of just one rogue driver to create utter mayhem on our roads.

Source: Eagle-Tribune, “Witness says speeding car caused fatal motorcycle crash,” Jill Harmacinski, Aug. 13, 2012


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