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Seven injured in Massachusetts car accident


In southeastern Massachusetts, a two-car crash occurred at the end of September. The car accidentoccurred as one car was turning into a nearby establishment. Another car in an oncoming lane struck the first vehicle as it executed the turn. Seven people were injured as a result of the collision.

The car accident was a consequence of one person’s inattentiveness, causing seven people to be injured. Most involved had no control over the situation, yet each one of them was injured, two of them seriously.

The medical bills from a car accident can add up quickly. The costs, in conjunction with time spent out of work, can make it hard to manage financially. To compensate for this financial hardship, an inattentive driver can be brought to court to stand trial for their mistakes. Compensation from a civil trial can make it easier for the victim to pay their medical bills and avoid sliding into debt.

In this case, each one of the injured parties from the crash may be able to get compensation. If they were injured due to no fault of their own, they should not be required to pay for their hospital visits or medication. Often, however, people don’t take the time to get the compensation that they deserve, which can lead to various financial struggles.

No one should be left on the hook for medical bills after a car accident caused by the negligence of another person. Even those who have car insurance may find that their coverage may not pay for everything that they have had to endure. Injured victims are entitled to contact an attorney for additional assistance to ensure that they receive all the benefits and compensation they deserve.

Source: WPRI.com, “7 Hurt in Rehoboth Crash,” James O’Leary, Sept. 30, 2012


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