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Pedestrian Killed by Snowplow on Snowy day


When the winter months approach, there are many dangers. Ice and snow on sidewalks can make it impossible to get by; pedestrians may have to walk in the roads. Crossing the roads can be difficult because of these conditions, and sometimes, seeing crosswalks or safe times to cross can be difficult due to snow.

Drivers should be very careful in these conditions, and they should be particularly sure there is no one in the roads before they pass through an area. Tow-trucks and snowplows will be on the roads to help people who have been stuck in the snow get out and to clear the roads, but the drivers of these vehicles also have to be very careful not to impact the lives of others.

In Dorchester, Massachusetts, a pedestrian was struck by a plow truck as he attempted to cross the street at Harbor View and Dorchester Avenue, showing how dangerous it can be when there’s snow and limited visibility. According to the news, a man in his 60s was struck in front of witnesses. They reported what they saw to police, and police have said they will be trying to determine what exactly caused the accident.

The police are currently investigating to find out if negligence was a cause of the accident. The reconstruction team is looking into the speed the plow was traveling at the time of the crash along with other factors that may have led to the man’s injuries and eventual death. The driver did not leave the scene after the accident, and intoxication was not listed as a possible cause.

Source: WCVB 5, “Pedestrian struck and killed by plow truck in Dorchester,” Jan. 24, 2016

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