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Paul Walker dies in Porsche wreck


There are Porsche executives who claim that racing enthusiasts have known for years how dangerous it is to drive the 2005 Carrera GT. The same vehicle Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker had a car accident in, is notorious for intimidating some of the world’s most renowned race car drivers. The initial launch of the Carrera GT was actually delayed because in-house racing experts believed the power produced by the car was too much for the average person to safely drive.

World-famous car enthusiast Jay Leno spun out of control in a Carrera GT while driving on Talladega track in 2005. Porsche has declined to make any official statements regarding Walker’s death or if it was the result of mechanical or driver error. Walker was not the first to die in this car; there was another deadly Carrera GT wreck on the California Speedway during 2006. The case reached a $4.5 million settlement out of court. The case brought a significant query into light: without electronic stability control, did Porsche design an exceedingly lethal automobile?

Less than 1,300 of the V-10 610 horsepower supercar Porsche Carrera GTs were made; the MSRP is around $450,000. Walker was riding as a passenger aside his financial advisor, friend and owner of the vehicle. The driver lost control of the wheel before colliding with a tree that sent the vehicle bursting into flames.

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Source: Forbes, “Pro Drivers, Jay Leno Also Struggled With The Porsche That Killed Paul Walker“, Hannah Elliot, December 03, 2013


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