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New technology aims to help teens drive more safely


It’s an unfortunate fact that more U.S. teens die from car accidents than from any other cause; however, new technology may give Massachusetts parents a reason to breathe easier when their teenager is behind the wheel. While dashboard cameras aren’t new to the market, the Drivecam adds a twist that may help give peace of mind to parents everywhere.

The Drivecam operates by activating when a driver does something risky that has a greater likelihood of leading to a motor vehicle accident. Parents are notified by the company’s data center, and they can then take a look at what their teen is doing. Geofencing is another technology designed to curb the behavior of reckless teens. It was designed to notify parents when a vehicle travels outside a designated area or if it is driven above a specific speed. Young drivers whose parents are monitoring their driving habits may be less likely to break the speed limit or drive carelessly.

Keeping the lines of communication open with one’s teenager is important, and if parents plan to utilize the Drivecam or Geofencing, they should be open about their plans to do so. While some teens may object, parents can explain that the new technology is designed to help them be safer drivers and not meant to convey parental distrust..

If a Massachusetts resident has been harmed by the actions of a reckless driver, they may be entitled to compensation to help ease the burden of their pain and suffering. A personal injury attorney may be able to evaluate the conduct of a negligent driver and determine the best course of action to recover damages.

Source: CBS News, “Seen At 11: New Technology Could Help Teens Stay Safe Behind The Wheel,” April 4, 2013



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