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Multiple Accidents Reported During Massachusetts Commute


Rain, snow and sleet combined to present drivers with hazardous road conditions during the morning commute on March 19. Consequently, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation reported multiple crashes during the commute. This included a five-car accident on Interstate 495.

Accident Details:

The accident involving the five cars happened in Foxborough just north of Interstate 95. According to police, four of the vehicles ended up in the median and the fifth vehicle was found on the side of the road in the woods. It is not known if anyone in the automobiles suffered car accident injuries. Another accident occurred following the five-car crash, which involved a truck, and it reduced traffic down to one lane on southbound Interstate 495 at Exit 13 A/B.

Leave Plenty of Room Between Cars

Massachusetts State Police cautioned drivers to travel slowly and carefully. They also encouraged them to “leave plenty of room between cars.” Although roads were being plowed to help keep the lanes clear, conditions were still hazardous and the commute slow-going. Inclement weather often contributes to collisions on highways and freeways, but regardless of road conditions, drivers still have a responsibility to drive carefully and responsibly.

Consulting a Personal Injury Lawyer

When Massachusetts residents have been injured in car crashes, they may be entitled to damages. A personal injury attorney could evaluate the circumstances surrounding the collision and determine who is at fault. Even drivers who cause accidents may be entitled to compensation to help cover medical expenses and lost wages. Personal injury attorneys may determine the best courses of action to get clients fair settlements. People who have been injured in car accidents may find it helpful to consult personal injury attorneys who may explain their rights and options.

Source: Foxborough Patch, “5-Car Crash on I-495 Foxborough Slows Morning Commute,” Jeremie Smith, March 19, 2003


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