Motor Vehicle Accident & Wrongful Death settled before trial for $1,100,000


Motor Vehicle Accident & Wrongful Death

Tragically, Attorney Perrault’s client was killed in a New Hampshire automobile accident when an oncoming, larger vehicle crossed the center line. A dispute arose as to which party crossed the center line. Through Attorney Perrault’s use of an accident reconstructionist, Attorney Perrault was able to show that the other party crossed the center line. Further, deposition testimony elicited by Attorney Perrault indicated that makeup was strewn about the floor of the other party’s vehicle, suggesting that the other driver, a woman, may have been in the course of applying makeup at the time of the accident. Through a private investigator who interviewed residents in the area of the accident, individuals who were on the scene immediately after the accident were able to provide deposition testimony as to the terrible suffering of the client before he passed away. Projected lost earnings of the decedent over his life expectancy were hotly contested. Decedent’s traditional earnings were spotty. However, Attorney Perrault was able to prove through the W-2 forms generated by the Decedent’s new business partners, that the Decedent’s income for the year in question would have been substantial. The initial offer on the case was $300,000.00. The matter settled shortly before trial for $1,100,000.00.