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Motor vehicle accident involving ambulance claims 1 life


A person who calls an ambulance has the reasonable expectation of getting the medical care they need and arriving at the hospital safely. In most cases, that is exactly what happens. In a recent case, however, an ambulance that was transporting a patient was involved in an accident. The 58-year-old woman was being transported to the hospital by Community EMS after having medical treatment at a clinic.

The motor vehicle accident happened when a Mercedes sedan being driven by a female traveled into the path of the ambulance. The driver of the sedan failed to stop at a stop sign and struck the back of the ambulance. When the ambulance was struck, it flipped and rolled prior to coming to rest against a guardrail.

The patient survived the crash, but later died at the hospital. The driver of the ambulance wasn’t injured. The paramedic riding with the woman sustained minor injuries.

The investigation is still ongoing. Thus far, the driver of the Mercedes has been charged with failing to stop at the stop sign.

Losing a family member in an accident isn’t easy. For the family of the victim of this accident, knowing that she died after being involved in an accident as a patient in the ambulance probably doesn’t make coping with their loss any easier. The family might choose to pursue legal action to seek compensation for the loss of their loved one.

Exploring all their options for claims related to this case can help them make an informed decision about how to proceed. While seeking compensation won’t bring back the woman, it might help the family deal with the financial impact of her death.

Source: Milford Patch, “Milford Police: Upton Woman Killed in Ambulance Crash” Mary MacDonald, Jan. 22, 2014



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