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Michelin issues recall for more than 1 million tires


The tire company Michelin North America issued a recall of more than one million tires in Massachusetts and across the nation because the tread might not wear properly. Some of the tires are used on Ford Motor Co.’s full-sized vans when they are sold. The problem came to the company’s attention due to warranty claims and 20 claims from customers who sustained damage to their vehicles after car accidents. No injuries were reported.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted a report on their website about the recall of the tires and their appropriate use on vehicles. It reported that vehicles could suffer ride vibrations, uneven wear and rapid air deflation. According to Michelin, the problems occurred during the third quarter, or during July, August and September, of 2013. They further reported that about 0.015 percent of all of their tires had exhibited a tread loss or rapid deflation, which equaled less than 200 tires.

Ford put the tires on their 2010 through 2013 model E-series van as standard factory equipment. E-Series vans are full-sized vans that used to be called the Econoline. They are mainly used in commercial applications. The company said it was working with the tire manufacturer to try to decide what they should do. The tires were manufactured at a plant in Nova Scotia between January 2010 and June 2012. The company will contact owners in early 2014 with information on how to get new tires and how to seek repayment.

When a manufacturer places a defective product on a vehicle, people could be injured or killed. A personal injury attorney might be able to seek compensation when someone is the victim of an accident due to a defective product.

Source: Automotive News, “Michelin recalls 1.2 million tires in U.S.“, December 16, 2013


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