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Medical Condition May Have Contributed to Fatal Crash


An 84-year-old man with an unrevealed medical condition caused a fatal crash after making a U-turn on the Massachusetts Turnpike and traveling into oncoming traffic, police said. His vehicle collided with another vehicle driven by a Marine Corps corporal who was on his way to a military base. Both men died in the crash, and police say the elderly man’s medical condition may have been a contributing factor. The Marine had served in Iraq and planned to return to the base for reservist training.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents caused by one person’s medical condition require a thorough accident investigation to determine if, in fact, it could have been the cause. If it is determined as a cause, it could extend liability of the accident to those responsible for his treatment if the condition was not properly diagnosed. If his condition did not allow for the safe operation of the vehicle, liability may also be associated with any parties who allowed the man to drive if they knew of the condition and had reasonable means to prevent him from driving.

U Turns: Dangerous and Illegal

It was also unclear what led the man to make a U-turn on the Turnpike. Even under ideal circumstances, a U-turn on a busy roadway such as the Massachusetts Turnpike can be dangerous and may not be legal.

In any case, the family of the victim in a case involving a car accident can consult with a personal injury attorney to see if there is a possibility of recovering compensation related to the wrongful death, including but not limited to medical or funeral expenses.

Source: Associated Press, “Driver in fatal crash had medical condition,” Associated Press, Sept. 11, 2012


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