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Massachusetts state police remind drivers to stay right


Car accidents are common on Massachusetts’ busy highways, and they can happen in the blink of an eye. Oftentimes, accidents could have been avoided if negligent drivers had been following traffic laws.

Speed limits, passing laws and other highway regulations are in effect in order to keep people safe, but they are often ignored.

Some people aren’t even aware that they are violating a law until they cause an accident and find out the hard way after being ticketed and held liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

One law that is often ignored or misunderstood by drivers is the state’s left-lane law. That’s why Massachusetts state police are addressing the issue on electronic highway signs.

On the signs, the state police are reminding drivers that it is illegal to use the left lane on highways when not passing or turning.

One of the rare times it is lawful to drive in the left lane when not passing or turning is if an emergency vehicle is in the right lane.

But even in this case, officials warn that drivers should use caution and only move into the left lane when it is clear.

The law is clearly stated in the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ driver’s license hand book, but there are many drivers in the state who continue to use the left lane improperly.

Some drivers use the left lane as a way to speed by traffic, while others are simply unaware that using it for cruising is prohibited.

A resident of Springfield, Massachusetts, said he feels forced to use the left lane because there are often too many potholes in the other lanes.

Potholes or not, drivers who use the left lane for cruising not lonely risk getting a $100 traffic citation, they also risk backing up traffic or causing a serious car accident.

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