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Massachusetts man injured trying to save pet in dog attack


An 83-year-old man was injured at a Massachusetts beach on June 25 while trying to rescue his dog after it was attacked by a pit bull. According to witnesses, the incident happened in the late afternoon, early evening hours at Wollaston Beach.

The 83-year-old man was apparently sitting on a wall with his collie-mix dog when a pit bull broke free from its owner, who was on rollerblades and unable to control the animal. The witness stated that she saw the pit bull lunge at the other dog. The 10-year-old collie-mix was killed in the attack. The man was apparently attempting to free his dog when he suffered an injury to his arm.

According to reports, Massachusetts State Police responded to the scene around 6:15 p.m. The 44-year-old owner of the pit bull allegedly admitted to officers that the 8-year-old dog was not registered with the city. The dog was given to Quincy Animal Control to be put under observation. According to witness statements, the pit bull appeared fine prior to the attack.

While certain breeds, including pit bulls, are considered to be more aggressive breeds and are sometimes prohibited by certain cities or residential areas, any dog can bite at any time. Dog attacks may occur unprovoked and with very little warning, making it difficult for victims to take shelter or protect themselves. Those injured in similar situations may be able to file suit against the pet owner, seeking compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and the emotion pain of having to deal with the aftermath of the incident, including scarring or loss of income.

Source: WCVB, “Pit bull kills border collie on Wollaston Beach,” June 26, 2014


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