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Massachusetts boy killed in dump truck accident


A 7-year-old Massachusetts boy was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a dump truck. The boy was riding his bike with his mother when the accident occurred at the intersection of Crown Street and Montgomery Street in Westfield, Massachusetts. It is unclear whether negligence on the part of either the driver was involved. According to a witness, the boy was riding with his mother in tow a little after 3:30 in the afternoon when the truck accident occurred.

The boy apparently collided with the dump truck, which, according to a statement from the police, was carrying a load of dirt. As a result of the collision with the truck, the child became pinned under the dump truck and died from serious injuries. Police plan an investigation of the truck accident and the circumstances involved. The main focus of an investigation in cases like this is whether or not the truck driver was at fault. This extends to the condition of the vehicle at the time and any possible maintenance issues.

State and federal trucking regulations are based on U.S. codes and statutory laws regarding the trucking industry and any truck licensed to be on the road. A typical investigation involves checking the trucking log and looking for contributing factors such as truck-driver fatigue or an inattentive truck driver.

A truck company may be held liable for negligent truck maintenance or hiring an unqualified truck driver. If any of these factors apply, the child’s family may be able to seek compensation. Attorneys in Massachusetts may help families facing similar situations by explaining their rights and options and working to obtain settlements from the negligent parties.

Source: MassLive, “Westfield accident involving dump truck claims life of 7-year-old boy“, Suzanne McLaughlin, May 20, 2013


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