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Massachusetts boy dies when television at school falls on him


When you send your child to school, you reasonably expect that your child will be properly cared for while he or she is there. You have the reasonable expectation that the school has taken stops to ensure that dangerous property hazards have been dealt with in an appropriate manner. For one family, those expectations weren’t realized.

The incident occurred at Elm Street School when an 8-year-old child died after a cart and large television fell on him. The child was participating in an after school program when the accident occurred at around 4 in the afternoon. He was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead.

The tragedy has affected students, parents, and school officials. A makeshift memorial for the little boy contains stuffed animals, personal messages, candles, and a DVD, some of which were added by his fellow students.

The Massachusetts State Police has detectives who are assigned to the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office investigating the incident. Until the investigation is completed, questions will remain. Hopefully, they will be able to determine if the cart and television were properly secured or discover something that might prevent this tragedy from occurring again.

If it is found that the school was at fault for this terrible tragedy, the parents of the child might decide that they want to seek compensation for their loss. Any compensation awarded wouldn’t lessen the emotional and mental turmoil the family is going through, but it might help to lessen the financial impact the incident likely has on them because of his final expenses and other related expenses.

Source: Sentinel & Enterprise, “8-year-old boy is killed in accident at Gardner school” Michael Hartwell, Feb. 07, 2014


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