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Major causes for car accidents


Careless driving is often the reason for many car accidents in Massachusetts and nationwide, but it does not always mean speeding or driving under the influence. Several other factors can contribute tocar accidents that lead to injuries or death. According to a recent report, vehicle operators should be aware of several distracting behaviors that should be avoided while driving.

Potential causes of accidents can be anything that draws the drivers’ attention away from the road, such as sleepiness, thirst, hunger or delaying a bathroom break. Hunger and thirst slow down reflexes and the ability to concentrate; however, eating or drinking while driving require the use of at least one hand, during which time the car is operated improperly and without the driver’s full attention.

Having pets in the vehicle could also lead to a car accident, since many drivers who travel with their pets do so without properly securing them in the vehicle. Sudden stops or outside situations may cause the pet to jump unexpectedly and distract the driver’s attention. Restraining pets and restricting their movements could help to increase the driver’s concentration and help with guarding pets against potential harm or bodily injury. Pulling over or slowing down to take a better look at an accident may result in another collision, since the rubbernecking driver’s attention is not on the road.

When someone is injured due to the actions of a negligent driver, he or she may be faced with extensive medical bills and a long recovery time. Any time that is missed from work can also have a large impact on the injured person’s financial well-being. In order to recover the lost wages and cover the medical expenses, a personal injury claim could be filed against the at-fault driver.

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