Different Types of Insurance Claims


After an accident, you may need to make an insurance claim. Many people work with their attorneys at this stage to make sure any settlement offers they receive are not only fair but also produced efficiently. Personal injury or accident attorneys also work with victims to negotiate better settlements or if they have to go to court to file a lawsuit.

Different Kinds of Insurance Claims After Accidents

For those who are able to stick to insurance claims alone, there are a few different kinds. The first type of claim you will likely file is your first-party claim, which goes to your insurance carrier. The second, a third-party claim, is a claim you make to the other person’s insurance carrier. The claim you make depends on the person responsible for the accident. For example, if you are hit by a speeding driver and police identify that person as being at fault, then that person should have insurance that covers your medical bills and other expenses.

Making Your Claim and Filing a Police Report

When you make a claim in Boston, the insurance company will open an investigation. If you have information about witnesses or have images from the scene, then that’s helpful for your claim. A police report should be submitted to the insurance provider as well. Show evidence of your injuries and expenses, too, so the company can begin to look into offers of compensation.

After the claim is valued by the company, it will issue you a check. You do not have to accept it if it doesn’t seem fair or high enough. If you feel it’s too low, your attorney can help you appeal the settlement amount.

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