Highway Motor Vehicle Accident settlement of $300,000 was negotiated during mediation


Highway Motor Vehicle Accident

Attorney Perrault’s client was traveling south on Route 93, and approaching the Route 495 South onramp. According to Attorney Perrault’s client, a second operator, driving very aggressively, attempted to force his way into the client’s travel lane causing a three car collision. The second operator maintained that as he attempted to pull into the travel lane of the client, the client sped up, causing the accident. An independent truck driver witness suggested that it appeared there was some “cat and mouse” going on. However, Attorney Perrault conducted a deposition of the third operator in the accident and he elicited testimony from this witness to the effect that the second operator was driving erratically prior to his collision with Attorney Perrault’s client. Favorable testimony was also elicited from the second operator through his deposition. An accident reconstructionist was able to show that the second driver was at fault. The initial offer on the claim was only $7,500.00. After substantial litigation, mediation was scheduled. Attorney Perrault presented his client’s case through a PowerPoint presentation which detailed all aspects of the client’s claim. After hours of negotiation during the course of mediation, Attorney Perrault was able to recover $300,000.00 on behalf of his client.