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Highway car accidents often mean more serious injuries


While highways and interstates certainly make it easier to get around and cover larger distances in a shorter amount of time, they are also home to many serious accidents. The high speeds and higher risk of drivers not paying attention to the roads means that it can be difficult for drivers to slow down, stop or otherwise adjust for a wreck, disabled vehicle or other traffic issue. This can increase the chance of multi-vehicle pileups as well.

The higher speed limits on highways make sense because there is a very small chance of a pedestrian trying to cross the road and all of the traffic is moving in the same direction. These two factors, however, also make it more likely for drivers to zone out or daydream while driving because the road is relatively straight and does not require the same amount of focus as the stop and go driving of the city.

When an accident does occur, it is likely to involve several vehicles because it is almost impossible for driver to maneuver around a sudden accident when traveling so quickly. The greater prevalence of tractor-trailers on interstates can also increase the chance of a serious accident, as these vehicles take even longer to slow or stop and can close both lanes if involved in a crash.

The seriousness of highway accidents also means more serious injuries, and major traumas to the brain or spinal cord are a real possibility. While investigators reconstruct the accident to determine what happened and who may be at fault, victims should begin talking to a Massachusetts personal injury attorney to found out more information about the possible legal options.


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