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Who is Held Liable for an Animal Attack?


When an animal bites you, do you know who is going to be held liable? In most cases, it’s going to be the owner of the animal who is responsible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the owner will be paying out of his or her own pocket. Many people decide not to pursue compensation because of the worry that an animal’s owner will face some kind of financial hardship because of the incident, but there are several ways to get the compensation you need without that concern.

Insurance for Animal Attacks

The first kind of insurance likely to cover the cost of an animal attack is homeowner’s insurance. If the injury took place at the person’s home, it’s more likely to cover the cost of your care than if it was off the property, though, so keep that in mind.

Car Insurance Might Cover Cost of Injuries

Another kind of insurance that might cover the cost of your injuries is car insurance. The owner’s insurance premiums paid by drivers may include a policy for animal bites that occur inside or around the vehicle.

Some pet parents even carry animal insurance, which specifically covers incidents like dog bites or cat scratches. The first time a bite happens, animal insurance is more likely to cover the injuries. If the animal has attacked in the past, then it may not.

If none of these insurance options are available, then it’s likely you will need to sue to get the compensation you need. Your attorney can help you build a case with your medical information and police reports about the incident, so you can work toward getting your medical bills and other financial losses taken care of by the liable party.

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