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Girl requires 6 hours of facial surgery after animal attack


A 7-year-old girl has been viciously attacked by a chocolate lab. Now, after receiving surgery to reconstruct her face, her parents are fearful for her to be around any dog, even their family’s pet bulldog. The vicious animal attack occurred when a Labrador owned by a family friend attacked the young girl.

The girl’s father told the media that he and his wife asked their daughter if she wanted them to get rid of their family dog and her only response was, “Why?” According to her parents, her answer was a sign of her innocent and loving heart. Her parents say that their daughter just does not understand the severity of what occurred.

Her injuries were extensive, according to one of the surgeons who reconstructed her face. The dog bit down beneath her right eye and ripped the skin, including part of her nose. Her surgery took six hours to complete, as a team of surgeons reconstructed her eyelids and tear ducts. They also had to sew up the cuts on her face, which included suturing the cut through her nose.

The extensive surgeries required by this young girl will no doubt be astronomically costly. As such, the girl’s family may wish to consider pursuing personal injury claims against the owner of the dog that bit her. The decision to follow through with a civil action for damages relating to an animal attack case is definitely a personal one. However, in this case, it may also be a financial decision. Indeed, a 6-hour facial reconstruction surgery may be more costly than most families are capable of affording and a successfully navigated personal injury claim could be the only avenue by which this family can afford for it.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Mom Bites Dog’s Ear Off to Save Child From Vicious Pit Bull Attack” Caitlin Johnston, Apr. 28, 2014


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