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Faulty door latches lead to danger on the roads


The doors of vehicles are more than just a simple way to get in and out. They complete the frame of the car, and when locked, they can help protect the people inside from being hurt in the case of a roll-over accident. Doors help keep you inside as you drive, and they keep you safe when you’re parked along the side of a road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that some vehicles, like the Ford Fiesta, Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion vehicles could have latches in their doors that don’t stay shut. As a result of the faulty latches, the doors of the vehicle could swing open when you drive, putting you and others at risk of falling out. The door could also collide with other objects, resulting in an accident.

A recall issued by the NHTSA affects models of the Ford Fiesta between 2012 and 2014, 2013 and 2014 Ford Fusions and 2013 and 2014 Lincoln MKZs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that anyone with a vehicle of these types within the manufacturing years listed should look up their vehicle’s identification number, known as the VIN, online.

If the vehicle is included in the recall, then you should receive a notice from the manufacturer that says when you need to bring your vehicle in to be fixed. If that mail doesn’t reach you, then looking online can let you know if you need to take your vehicle in for an inspection or repairs. The NHTSA also suggests getting your vehicle towed if the door comes open while you drive.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “NHTSA advises owners of certain Ford Fiesta, Fusion and Lincoln MKV vehicles to take safety precautions,” Kathryn Henry, April. 30, 2015

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