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Fallen acrobats hire lawyers, will appear in Boston


A disaster at a circus in Providence, Rhode Island, swept through the news in recent weeks. It happened when a group of acrobats where hanging by their hair, suspended about seven yards in the air, forming what was known as a “human chandelier.” Unfortunately, the entire thing collapsed, and all the acrobats went crashing to the ground.

The accident happened on May 4, and it was part of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Out of the eight who were involved in the stunt, seven of them have now determined that they are going to hire a law firm. No lawsuit has been filed at this time, but it is said that an investigation into the event is underway.

Additionally, the firm is going to bring four of the people who were involved to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, which is located in Boston. They are going to meet with the media and put on a news conference to get more information out there. The firm’s representative did note that if the condition of the acrobats changes, it could impact how many end up at the news conference.

The injuries to some were minor, with one woman getting out of the hospital in just a few days. However, the injuries to others were more extensive, with some suffering spinal injuries. It is said that a number of them may not ever walk again.

When there are serious workplace accidents like this that lead to spinal injuries or to a brain injury, those who have been hurt need to know their legal rights for compensation, especially if an employer is found to be at fault.

Source: KSWO, “Injured hair-hanging circus acrobats hire law firm” Michelle R. Smith, Jun. 16, 2014


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