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Elderly Massachusetts man dies in car crash


Commuters around Boston may have been affected by a deadly car crash that occurred near routes 5 and 10 during late December 2013. An 84-year-old man from Westfield died in the motor vehicle accident. The vehicles collided at the intersection of Elm Street and North King Street, at the Exit 21 off-ramp on I-91 in Northampton. Police are investigating the events that led to the accident.

The driver’s side of the 84-year-old man’s vehicle was severely damaged after a pickup truck smashed into it. According to the deputy fire chief of Northampton, responders had to extract one of the drivers by using the Jaws of Life. Both accident victims were conscious when they were taken to the hospital for treatment. The 84-year-old man was pronounced dead at Springfield’s Baystate Medical Center later that day. The other driver received treatment for injuries that were not life-threatening. The Northwest D.A office, a Massachusetts State Police Detectives Unit and the Northampton Police Department are all collaborating on the investigation into the cause of the accident.

Accident victims in auto collisions like this one often suffer from broken bones, head and brain trauma, internal injuries and neck injuries. These victims may have to manage extensive medical expenses, exorbitant vehicle repairs, prolonged rehab therapy or lost income during the aftermath of an accident. Many accident victims seek legal counsel for assistance with building a strong enough case to warrant compensation for damages that arise from the collision.

Local legal counsel may able to provide professional assistance with conducting a thorough investigation or reconstructing the events that created the accident. These professionals may be able to confer with a number of authorities in the insurance, medical and forensic community who may contribute insight into the investigation. In complicated accidents like these, each party may choose to conduct a lengthy investigation in order to determine who is most culpable.

Source: WWLP, “Deadly car crash on Routes 5 & 10 in Northampton”, Joel Martinez and Matt Caron, December 26, 2013


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