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Don’t let a dog bite break your bank; You could be compensated


If you’re petting a friend’s dog and it suddenly attacks you, you’ll likely be taken aback by the sudden change in the animal’s attitude. If you’re not hurt badly, you may not take the case any further, but in situations where you’re severely injured, you will need to go to the hospital and seek medical attention. Even if you’re family or friends with the owner, it is his or her responsibility to control their animal.

There are very few times when you’ll be held accountable for an animal attack. Did you tease the animal, push it to the point of aggression or hurt it? If you did, you could be held accountable for forcing the pet to attack. If you were simply walking past it or playing with it when it attacked, you’re not likely to be the one who’s blamed.

If you know that the animal had its vaccinations, you may not need quite as much in the way of vaccinations or emergency antibiotics as compared to if you are bitten by a stray or dog without a history of vaccines. This is because the risk for rabies is still preset in the United States, and once past a certain stage, the disease is nearly always fatal. If you can’t prove that an animal is free of the disease, you’ll need to go through many injections to prevent the illness.

After you’re bitten, you need to identify the animal, call the police, get medical help and get any kind of information on your injuries you can for insurance and lawsuit claim purposes. Our website has more on what to do if you’ve been bitten, no matter what animal has attacked you.

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