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Dog bites Needham, Massachusetts man


After receiving a report of an animal attack, the Needham Police Animal Control responded at the scene of the incident. A dog had allegedly bitten another dog after attacking it. When a man tried to separate the animals, the dog bit him.

Dog bites can be very serious. According to reports, an ambulance took the dog bite victim to the hospital to receive treatment. Details about the extent of his injuries were not available. In addition to being extremely painful, dog bites require special treatment to ensure that infections don’t result, especially if the attacking dog’s vaccinations are not current. Dog bites are often deep enough to damage tissue, muscle, tendons and bones.

The owner of the attacking dog received a citation for the dog’s actions, and the owner was also told to muzzle the dog. A hearing over the incident was scheduled. In Massachusetts, dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pets. This makes the attacking dog’s owner liable for the results of the attack.

Victims of dog bites may suffer from severe emotional and mental trauma. They may relive the incident in their minds and may develop a phobia of dogs as a result of an attack. If you have been attacked by a dog, you may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, in addition to any medical expenses the attack may have caused. Dog bites are sometimes covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, which may result in an insurance company being liable for damages. An experienced attorney may be able to explain your rights and plan a course of action that may be in your best interests.

Source: Needham Times, “Needham Police: Dog bites man,” Jan. 21, 2013


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