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Dog bites: Dangerous, painful and potentially deadly


Dog bites can be dangerous; even small dogs can take a large bite out of your skin, tearing through muscles and tendons. The surgeries and reconstruction that are needed to heal after an attack can take weeks or years to finalize, and the healing you’ll need to do will take time on top of that.

After an attack, you can usually hold the owner of the dog liable for your injuries with the help of your legal team. The owner should be the person paying for your medical care, lost wages and other concerns.

The courts already recognize that dog bites are a serious problem. With around 4.5 million people in the United States attacked and bitten each year, there is no shortage of evidence of what can go wrong with having a family pet or neighbor with dangerous dogs.

How can these bites be treated? Start with the basics. First, stop the bleeding if you can. Use towels for large wounds, and keep pressure on the wounds until the bleeding stops. Make sure you elevate your injuries to help stop the bleeding, too.

Once the bleeding has stopped or slowed significantly, you can attempt to wash the wound. Soap and water can help prevent the spread of bacteria and remove dirt and saliva from the wound. Antibiotic ointments can be used to treat the wound as well. After that, a sterile bandage can be used. If the wound is bad enough, you should call for emergency help. You may need stitches or surgery to repair serious bites or damage to your muscles or tendons.

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