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Did distracted driving result in your injury? Fight back


Texting while driving has been outlawed in many parts of the United States, but even where it has not, it is still recognized as an extremely dangerous and distracting practice. A text message can distract you; it may only take a second or two to read a text, but in that time, your vehicle could go off the road, across the center line or into the back of a slowing vehicle in front of you.

Taking your eyes off the road isn’t acceptable, and you know this. That’s why when you’re involved in an accident as a result of someone else texting and driving, you deserve to get the compensation needed to cover your pain, suffering and medical care. Your lost wages and other financial difficulties should also be covered by the party at fault for the crash.

Is it hard to prove that someone was texting and driving? Yes and no. Did you see them texting before you crashed? Do you have another witness in your vehicle or a witness who stopped and can verify your claim? That can help. Police are also able to check texting records to see when the driver last sent or received a text. It’s possible to see that log and determine if the crash was likely to be a result of the text being received or sent.

With witness statements, digital evidence and other testimony, you may be able to prove that the other driver was distracted when you were hit. Our website has more information on how to prove this fact and get the compensation you deserve.

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