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Different types of dog bites


Dog bites are by no means all the same. Young puppies will often nip at people and lightly bite them. Sometimes, this is just because they want to play—this is how dogs play with each other. Sometimes, it may be because the puppy does not see the human as being in control, and it is trying to take control of the pack.

These puppy bites are often very minor. They may not even bleed or break the skin, and, if they do, the bleeding could be largely superficial.

When a large dog bites, it may be minor as well. Scrapes and small gashes barely break the skin. They could draw blood, but they do not get down into the flesh. These bites can often just be washed out and they will heal in short order.

A more serious bite is known as a puncture wound. This is when the teeth push down through the skin and into the flesh of the arm. These bites are significant, and they may bleed for a long time — at least until you put pressure on them. These are the types of bites that most often lead to hospital visits.

For all animal bites, it’s wise to be tested for rabies. Though this is uncommon, detecting it early can help a lot. It’s also good to get treatment quickly so that you can prevent the bite wound from becoming infected.

No matter how bad a bite is, if you need treatment, you’re also going to have some medical bills. In these cases, you may be able to seek compensation if you were bitten by another person’s dog in Boston.

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