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You deserve to be compensated for dog bites


Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but when it comes down to it, these creatures are still capable of causing you serious harm. Not all dogs are bad, but those who aren’t treated well or who have poor temperaments could cause you serious injury.

There are times when dog bites can be linked back to an owner’s liability. When that’s the case, the owner could be held liable for your injuries and made to pay you compensation. Many dog bite cases are strict liability cases, which means that the owner will automatically be liable for the injuries caused to you by his or her pet.

While adults could be the victims of these bites and attacks, children are often the victims. This is partially because of children’s curiosity and naivety about the dangers of stray or strange animals. Children are also at particular risk for serious injuries, because they are very vulnerable. The physical and mental stress of an animal attack can result in post-traumatic stress disorder and additional emotional trauma for children, leading to years — if not a lifetime — of mental and physical therapy.

After an injury, you need to be proactive. Call the police; they need to see what’s happened and to call animal control. If you can identify the dog and owner, do so. You’ll need medical care, and if you can’t prove that the dog has been vaccinated, you may need to make sure you receive rabies and other vaccines immediately. Take photographs and keep tabs on your expenses and injuries; these will all be usable in court. Our site has more information on what you should have on hand to prove your injuries and suffering.

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