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Dangerous dog apprehended in Massachusetts


Dangerous animals can put you and your loved ones at risk. If you have ever been attacked by a dog or are dealing with injuries to a loved one, you should know that the owner is liable for the dog’s attack in most cases. Sometimes, animals are simply aggressive, and it’s important that the owner is held responsible for failing to protect others from his or her pet.

In this case, a dog was found, and there were several people trying to help it get back into living with a family and being in a loving home. However, it was aggressive and continued to be more so as time went on.

Weeks after the dog attacked in Massachusetts, it was finally found and caught. According to the April 27 news report, the runaway dog named Brock, a Border Collie, had run away from his adoptive owners in February. He was found in Connecticut, but it was when a foster family took him in that they realized howdangerous and aggressive he was.

The dog had broken through a gate recently, biting a volunteer on the leg. The volunteer had substantial injuries, the story reported, and punctures had been left through his jeans, meaning the bite was hard enough to not only break through clothing but also through the worker’s skin. The organization responsible for him at that point, Dakin Humane Society, determined that the best choice for this situation was to put the dog to sleep for the safety of the local people as well as for the dog’s own safety in the future.

Source: Western Mass News, “Dog found after weeks long search has been euthanized,” Cherise Leclerc, April 27, 2016

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