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Court decision allows pit bull to stay despite attacks


In a controversial court decision, a magistrate judge in Lynn, Massachusetts, ruled that a pit bull that had mauled a dog and its owner could not be banished from the city. This suit is the latest in a series ofanimal attack cases that have come to recent public attention.

The victims own a Shih Tzu and were putting it in the car one day when a neighbor’s pit bull ran up their driveway, jumped into the car and began mauling the dog. The husband jumped into the car and held the pit bull for nearly half an hour while help was summoned, even though he received numerous scratches and bites to his arms. The intense experience caused him heart problems and led to a stay in the hospital; he now requires oxygen.

The Shih Tzu required major surgery including a jaw wiring and replacement of an eye that had been torn from its socket. The veterinary team in charge of the treatment worked overtime on a Sunday to ensure that the little dog was cared for.

The city attorney has filed an appeal of the judge’s ruling against banishing the dog, despite the fact that animal control officers testified that the animal was dangerous. The victims are filing a civil lawsuit.

Neighbors complain that they are terrified to walk their small dogs on the street and claim that the neighborhood is being held hostage by the possibility of the pit bull turning vicious.

Those who are the victims of an animal bite or attack can seek the advice of a professional personal injury attorney about protecting their rights and recovering damages.

Source: The Daily Item, “City to appeal decision allowing pit bull accused in attack to stay in neighborhood,” Cyrus Moulton, Sept. 7, 2012


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