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What are some complications of brain injuries?


If you suffer a traumatic brain injury in a workplace accident or car crash, you could be facing some complications or be at risk of them. These are some things you should consider when you seek compensation, so you know you’re covered and have the money needed for these medical concerns.

Seizures are one kind of complication you may suffer from after a brain injury. These typically happen within the first week of your injury, but it’s also possible that the seizures will be ongoing. When that happens, it’s called post-traumatic epilepsy. Sometimes, this will calm and stop, but other times, you’ll be dealing with seizures for your entire life. That could mean missing work or being unable to work if they’re too severe.

Another thing you may face is nerve damage. When you think of nerve damage, you probably think about what happens with paralysis, where you feel nothing below a certain point of injury. There are many issues that result from nerve damage, though, and some are incredibly painful. While you may lose your vision or sensations in the face or other parts of the body, it’s also possible to struggle with swallowing or to have pain from nerves that are healing.

Probably one of the biggest concerns is the potential for cognitive problems following an injury. You could struggle making decisions or focusing on tasks. You may not have a good memory and need help around your home. You may find your judgment skills aren’t great anymore. These are all side effects that could require rehabilitation and home care, which is why seeing the right compensation is key.

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