Closed Head – Traumatic Brain Injury from a motor vehicle accident was resolved for $337,000


Closed Head- Traumatic Brain Injury {Motor Vehicle Accident}

Attorney Perrault’s client, a New Hampshire resident, was struck at a moderate rate of speed by another vehicle. At the moment of impact, he struck his head hard on the inside of his vehicle. The client began to exhibit symptoms including loss of memory and headaches. The at-fault party’s insurance company paid its $20,000.00 policy limits. Thereafter, an underinsured motorist (UM) claim was made against the polity of the client. UM coverage is triggered when the at-fault party’s insurance coverage is insufficient to compensate the injured party. Initially, the UM carrier treated the matter as a “soft tissue” injury and offered only $20,000.00. Through use of a neurophysiologist, and the testimony of family, friends, and former co-workers, Attorney Perrault, as co-counsel, was able to document a closed head injury and traumatic brain injury sustained by the client. After lengthy mediation, the UM matter was resolved in favor of the client in the amount of $337,000.00. Therefore, the total recovery was $357,000.00.