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Chrysler and Ford recall more vehicles for dangerous defects


Automotive giants recalling millions of their automobiles to fix life-threatening defects have become the norm this year. Now, Chrysler and Ford have announced even more recalls relating to problems with airbags, door latches and electric windows. The defects allegedly have not resulted in any known injuries or fatalities, according to the manufacturers. Hopefully, all vehicle owners in Massachusetts will be proactive about reporting to the dealership to get these potentially dangerous problems fixed before they are involved in a car accident.

These most recent recalls will affect hundreds of thousands of automobiles. Ford’s recall involves over 750,000 C-Max and Escape model cars. Apparently, a software problem could cause many of these cars to suffer an airbag deployment problem if the car flips over. This, in turn, could increase chance and severity of injury during an auto accident. The issue is relevant for approximately 692,000 Escapes and 65,000 C-Maxes, all of which were manufactured in 2013 and 2014.

Another problem that relates specifically to Escapes has to do with door latches. Apparently, the door latch could fail and the doors could open suddenly while the car is driving on the road. As for the Chrysler recall, it affects the automatic windows of about 780,000 minivans. The windows are at risk of overheating, especially if they are exposed to moisture.

Not a single car crash in Massachusetts or elsewhere has been blamed on the above defects as of yet, according to the automakers. However, the defects do come with the potential for causing a life-threatening injury; therefore, it will be important for drivers to get the problems corrected as soon as humanly possible.

Those who suspect that they or their loved one has suffered injury or death due to these or another kinds of automotive defect can investigate the possibility of filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim. If successfully navigated, a civil lawsuit over injury or death caused by a defective automobile can bring victims valuable restitution to pay for medical care, end of life expenses, pain and suffering and a host of other pursuable damages.

Source: CNN Money, “Ford, Chrysler each announce large recalls” Katie Lobosco, May. 09, 2014


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